Logic Optimization and Synthesis: Trends and Directions in Industry

Luca Amarú1, Patrick Vuillod2, Jiong Luo1 and Janet Olson1
1Synopsys Inc., Design Group, Sunnyvale, California, USA
2Synopsys Inc., Design Group, Grenoble, France


Logic synthesis is a key design step which optimizes abstract circuit representations and links them to technology. With CMOS technology moving into the deep nanometer regime, logic synthesis needs to be aware of physical informations early in the flow. With the rise of enhanced functionality nanodevices, research on technology needs the help of logic synthesis to capture advantageous design opportunities. This paper deals with the synergy between logic synthesis and technology, from an industrial perspective. First, we present new synthesis techniques which embed detailed physical informations at the core optimization engine. Experiments show improved Quality of Results (QoR) and better correlation between RTL synthesis and physical implementation. Second, we discuss the application of these new synthesis techniques in the early assessment of emerging nanodevices with enhanced functionality. Finally, we argue that new synthesis methods can push further the progress of electronics, as we have reached a multiforking point of technology where choices are tougher than ever.

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