WCET-Aware Parallelization of Model-Based Applications for Multi-Cores: The ARGO Approach

Steven Derrien1, Isabelle Puaut1, Panayiotis Alefragis2, Marcus Bednara3, Harald Bucher4, Clément David5, Yann Debray5, Umut Durak6, Imen Fassi1, Christian Ferdinand7, Damien Hardy1, Angeliki Kritikakou1, Gerard Rauwerda8, Simon Rederx, Martin Sicks7, Timo Stripf4, Kim Sunesen8, Timon Ter Braak8, Nikolaos Voros2, Jürgen Becker4
1Université de Rennes I (UR1)
2Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece (TWG)
3Fraunhofer IIS (IIS)
4Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
5Scilab Enterprises (SCILAB)
6Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft-Und Raumfahrt (DLR)
7Absint Angewandte Informatik GmbH (ABSINT)
8Recore Systems B.V. (RS)


Parallel architectures are nowadays not only confined to the domain of high performance computing, they are also increasingly used in embedded time-critical systems. The ARGO H2020 project provides a programming paradigm and associated tool flow to exploit the full potential of architectures in terms of development productivity, time-to-market, exploitation of the platform computing power and guaranteed real-time performance. In this paper we give an overview of the objectives of ARGO and explore the challenges introduced by our approach.

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