Anomalies in Scheduling Control Applications and Design Complexity

Amir Aminifar1 and Enrico Bini2
1Embedded Systems Laboratory (ESL), EPFL, Switzerland.
2University of Turin, Italy.


Today, many control applications in cyberphysical systems are implemented on shared platforms. Such resource sharing may lead to complex timing behaviors and, in turn, instability of control applications. This paper highlights a number of anomalies demonstrating complex timing behaviors caused as a result of resource sharing. Such anomalous scenarios, then, lead to a dramatic increase in design complexity, if not properly considered. Here, we demonstrate that these anomalies are, in fact, very improbable. Therefore, design methodologies for these systems should mainly be devised and tuned towards the majority of cases, as opposed to anomalies, but should also be able to handle such anomalous scenarios.

Keywords: Control applications, Resource sharing, Stability analysis, Time delay, Latency, Jitter, Anomalies, Design methodologies.

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