Technology Mapping with All Spin Logic

Boyu Zhanga and Azadeh Davoodib
University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1415 Engineering Dr. Madison WI USA.


This work is the first to propose a technology mapping algorithm for All Spin Logic (ASL) device. The ASL is the most actively-pursed one among spintronic devices which themselves fall under emerging post-CMOS nano-technologies. We identify the shortcomings of directly applying classical technology mapping with ASL devices, and propose techniques to extend it to handle these shortcomings. Our results show that our ASL-aware technology mapping algorithm can achieve on-average 9.15% and up to 27.27% improvement in delay (when optimizing delay) with slight improvement in area, compared to the solution generated by classical technology mapping. In a broader sense, our results show the need for developing circuit-level CAD tools that are aware of and optimized for emerging nano-technologies in order to better assess their promise as we move to the post-CMOS era.

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