Near-Optimal Deployment of Dataflow Applications on Many-Core Platforms with Real-Time Guarantees

Stefanos Skalistisa and Alena Simalatsarb
Rigorous System Design Laboratory (RiSD), École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).


Safe and optimal deployment of data-streaming applications on many-core platforms requires the realistic estimation of task Worst-Case Execution Time (WCET). On the other hand, task WCET depends on the deployment solution, due to the varying number of interferences on shared resources, thus introducing a cyclic dependency. Moreover, WCET is still an over-approximation of the Actual Execution Time (AET), thus leaving room for run-time optimisation. In this paper we introduce an offline/online optimisation approach. In the offline phase, we first break the cyclic dependency and acquire safe and near-optimal solutions for tasks partitioning/placement, mapping, scheduling and buffer allocation. Then, we tighten the WCETs and update the scheduling function accordingly. In the online phase we introduce a safe distributed readjustment of the offline schedule, based on the AET. Experiments on a Kalray MPPA- 256 platform show a tightening of the guaranteed latency up to 46% in the offline phase, and 41% latency reduction in the online phase. In total, we achieve more than 50% of latency reduction.

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