MobiXen: Porting Xen on Android Devices for Mobile Virtualization

Yaozu Dong1,2,a, Jianguo Yao1,b, Haibing Guan1,c, Ananth Krishna R2,d and Yunhong Jiang2,e
11Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
2Intel Asia-Pacific Research and Development Ltd.


The mobile virtualization technology provides a feasible way to improve the manageability and security for embedded systems. This paper presents an architecture named MobiXen to address these challenges. In the MobiXen, both Xen's physical memory space and virtual address space are shrunk as much as possible and thus Android owns more memory resource; optimizations are developed to reduce the virtualization overhead when Android is accessing system resources; new policies are implemented to achieve low suspend/resume latency. With these work adopted, MobiXen is customized as a high efficient mobile hypervisor. Detailed implementations shows that, most of the performance degradation brought by MobiXen is less than 3%, which is imperceptible by end users.

Keywords: Mobile virtualization, Xen, Android, Hypervisor.

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