LAANT: A Library to Automatically Optimize EDP for OpenMP Applications

Arthur Francisco Lorenzona, Jeckson Dellagostin Souzab and Antonio Carlos Schneider Beckc
Institute of Informatics - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil.


Efficiently exploiting thread level parallelism from new multicore systems has been challenging for software developers. While blindly increasing the number of threads may lead to performance gains, it can also result in disproportionate increase in energy consumption. For this reason, rightly choosing the number of threads is essential to reach the best compromise between both. However, such task is extremely difficult: besides the huge number of variables involved, many of them will change according to different aspects of the system at hand and are only possible to be defined at run-time. To address this complex scenario, we propose LAANT, a novel library to automatically find the optimal number of threads for OpenMP applications, by dynamically considering their characteristics, input set, and the processor architecture. By executing nine well-known benchmarks on three real multicore processors, LAANT improves the EDP (Energy-Delay Product) by up to 61%, compared to the standard OpenMP execution; and by 44%, when the dynamic adjustment of the number of threads of OpenMP is activated.

Keywords: Thread-level parallelism, EDP, Library, OpenMP.

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