MoDNN: Local Distributed Mobile Computing System for Deep Neural Network

Jiachen Mao1, Xiang Chen2, Kent W. Nixon1, Christopher Krieger3 and Yiran Chen1
1University of Pittsburgh, USA.
2George Mason University, USA.
3qUniversity of Maryland, USA.


Although Deep Neural Networks (DNN) are ubiquitously utilized in many applications, it is generally difficult to deploy DNNs on resource-constrained devices, e.g., mobile platforms. Some existing attempts mainly focus on client-server computing paradigm or DNN model compression, which require either infrastructure supports or special training phases, respectively. In this work, we propose MoDNN - a local distributed mobile computing system for DNN applications. MoDNN can partition already trained DNN models onto several mobile devices to accelerate DNN computations by alleviating device-level computing cost and memory usage. Two model partition schemes are also designed to minimize non-parallel data delivery time, including both wakeup time and transmission time. Experimental results show that when the number of worker nodes increases from 2 to 4, MoDNN can accelerate the DNN computation by 2.17-4.28 38 215. Besides the parallel execution, the performance speedup also partially comes from the reduction of the data delivery time, e.g., 30.02% w.r.t. conventional 2D-grids partition.

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