Programming and Analysing Scenario-Aware Dataflow on a Multi-Processor Platform

Reinier van Kampenhout1,a, Sander Stuijk1,b and Kees Goossens1,2,c
1Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.
2Topic Embedded Products, The Netherlands


The FSM-SADF model of computation is especially suitable for analysing real-time applications with inputdependent behaviour such as different modes, variable execution times and scalable parallelism. Although FSM-SADF specifies which scenario transitions are possible, it does not specify how and when they are decided at runtime. Multiple actors of a scenario, e.g. video stream header parsing, may have to fire before it is known which scenario the application is in. We solve this causality dilemma with a concept for executing a sequence of scenarios, and demonstrate an implementation on multiple processors with rolling static-order scheduling. We furthermore present a platform-aware analysis model that covers concept and implementation, and integrate the contributions in a toolflow. A proof-of-concept confirms the low overhead of the implementation and the exact timing analysis of our model.

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