i-BEP: A Non-Redundant and High-Concurrency Memory Persistency Model

Yuanchao Xu1,2,a, Zeyi Hou1,b, Junfeng Yan1,c, Lu Yang1,d and Hu Wan1,e
1College of Information Engineering, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China.
2State Key Laboratory of Computer Architecture, Institute of Computing Technology, CAS, Beijing, China


Byte-addressable, non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies enable fast persistent updates but incur potential data inconsistency upon a failure. Recent proposals present several persistency models to guarantee data consistency. However, they fail to express the minimal persist ordering as a result of inducing unnecessary ordering constraints. In this paper, we propose i-BEP, a non-redundant high concurrency memory persistency model, which expresses epoch dependency via persist directed acyclic graph instead of program order. Additionally, we propose two techniques, background persist and deferred eviction, to enhance the performance of i-BEP. We demonstrate that i-BEP can improve the performance by 15% for typical data structures on average over buffered epoch persistency (BEP) model.

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