3DFAR: A Three-Dimensional Fabric for Reliable Multi-Core Processors

Javad Bagherzadeha and Valeria Bertaccob
University of Michigan.


In the past decade, silicon technology trends into the nanometer regime have led to significantly higher transistor failure rates. Moreover, these trends are expected to exacerbate with future devices. To enhance reliability,several approaches leverage the inherent core-level and processor-level redundancy present in large chip multiprocessors. However, all of these methods incur high overheads, making them impractical.
In this paper, we propose 3DFAR, a novel architecture leveraging 3-dimensional fabrics layouts to efficiently enhance reliability in the presence of faults. Our key idea is based on a finegrained reconfigurable pipeline for multicore processors, which minimizes routing delay among spare units of the same type by using physical layout locality and efficient interconnect switches, distributed over multiple vertical layers. Our evaluation shows that 3DFAR outperforms state-of-the-art reliable 2D solutions, at a minimal area cost of only 7% over an unprotected design.

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