Analog Fault Testing Through Abstraction

Enrico Fraccarolia and Franco Fummib
Department of Computer Science, University of Verona, Italy.


Despite analog SPICE-like simulators have reached their maturity, most of them were not originally conceived for simulating faulty circuits. With the advent of smart systems, fault testing has to deal with models encompassing both analog and digital blocks. Due to their complexity, the industry is still lacking of effective testing approaches for these analog and mixed-signal (AMS) models. The current problem is the computational time required for implementing an analog fault simulation campaign. To this end, the work presented in this paper is an automatic procedure which: 1) injects faults in an analog circuit, 2) abstracts both faulty and fault-free models from the circuit to the functional level, 3) builds an efficient fault simulation framework. The processes of fault injection, faulty model abstraction and framework generation are reported in details, as well as how simulation is carried out. This abstraction process, which preserves the faulty behaviors, allows to reach a speed-up of some orders of magnitude and thus, making feasible an extensive analog faults campaign.

Keywords: Analog circuits, Electronic circuits, Analog abstraction, Fault injection, Fault testing framework.

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