Towards Post-quantum Security for IoT Endpoints with NTRU

Oscar M. Guillen1,a, Thomas Pöppelmann2, Jose M. Bermudo Mera1,b, Elena Fuentes Bongenaar3, Georg Sigl1,4,c,e and Johanna Sepulveda1,d
1Technische Universität München, Germany.
2Infineon Technologies AG, Germany.
3Radboud University.
4Fraunhofer Institute AISEC, Germany.


The NTRU cryptosystem is one of the main alternatives for practical implementations of post-quantum, public-key cryptography. In this work, we analyze the feasibility of employing the NTRU encryption scheme, NTRUEncrypt, in resource constrained devices such as those used for Internet-of-Things endpoints. We present an analysis of NTRUEncrypt's advantages over other cryptosystems for use in such devices. We describe four different NTRUEncrypt implementations on an ARM Cortex M0-based microcontroller, compare their results, and show that NTRUEncrypt is suitable for use in battery-operated devices. We present performance and memory footprint figures for different security parameters, as well as energy consumption in a resource constrained microcontroller to backup these claims. Furthermore, to the best of our knowledge, in this work we present the first time-independent implementation of NTRUEncrypt.

Keywords: IoT, Post-quantum, Security, NTRUEncrypt, Embedded devices.

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