Schedulability-Aware SPM Allocation for Preemptive Hard Real-Time Systems with Arbitrary Activation Patterns

Arno Luppolda and Heiko Falkb
Institute of Embedded Systems, Hamburg University of Technology, Hamburg, Germany.


In hard real-time multi-tasking systems each task has to meet its deadline under any circumstances. If one or several tasks violate their timing constraints, compiler optimizations can be used to optimize the Worst-Case Execution Time (WCET) of each task with a focus on the system's schedulability. Existing approaches are limited to single-tasking or strictly periodic multitasking systems. We propose a compiler optimization to perform a schedulability-aware static instruction Scratchpad Allocation for arbitrary activation patterns and deadlines. The approach is based on Integer-Linear Programming and is evaluated for the Infineon TriCore TC1796 microcontroller.

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