Hardware Trojan Detection Based on Correlated Path Delays in Defiance of Variations with Spatial Correlations

Fatma Nur Esircia and Alp Arslan Bayrakcib
Department of Computer Engineering, Gebze Technical University, Turkey.


Hardware Trojan (HT) detection methods based on the side channel analysis deeply suffer from the process variations. In order to suppress the effect of the variations, we devise a method that smartly selects two highly correlated paths for each interconnect (edge) that is suspected to have an HT on it. First path is the shortest one passing through the suspected edge and the second one is a path that is highly correlated with the first one. Delay ratio of these paths avails the detection of the HT inserted circuits. Test results reveal that the method enables the detection of even the minimally invasive Trojans in spite of both inter and intra die variations with the spatial correlations.

Keywords: Hardware security, Path delay, Malicious circuit.

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