Shared Last-level Cache Management for GPGPUs with Hybrid Main Memory

Guan Wang, Xiaojun Caia, Lei Jub, Chuanqi Zangc, Mengying Zhao and Zhiping Jiad
School of Computer Science and Technology, Shandong University, China.


Memory intensive workloads become increasingly popular on general purpose graphics processing units (GPGPUs), and impose great challenges on the GPGPU memory subsystem design. On the other hand, with the recent development of non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies, hybrid memory combining both DRAM and NVM achieves high performance, low power and high density simultaneously, which provides a promising main memory design for GPGPUs. In this work, we explore the shared last-level cache management for GPGPUs with consideration of the underlying hybrid main memory. In order to improve the overall memory subsystem performance, we exploit the characteristics of both the asymmetric read/write latency of the hybrid main memory architecture, as well as the memory coalescing feature of GPGPU. In particular, to reduce the average cost of L2 cache misses, we prioritize cache blocks from DRAM or NVM based on observation that operations to NVM part of main memory have large impact on the system performance. Furthermore, the cache management scheme also integrates the GPU memory coalescing and cache bypassing techniques to improve the overall cache hit ratio. Experimental results show that in the context of a hybrid main memory system, our proposed L2 cache management policy improves performance against the traditional LRU policy and a state-of-the-art GPU cache strategy EABP [20] by up to 27.76% and 14%, respectively.

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