doi: 10.7873/DATE.2015.0662

QR-Decomposition Architecture Based on Two-Variable Numeric Function Approximation

Jochen Rusta, Frank Ludwigb and Steffen Paulc

Institute of Electrodynamics and Microelectronics (, University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany.


This paper presents a new approach for hardwarebased QR-decomposition using an efficient computation scheme of the Givens-Rotation. In detail, the angle of rotation and its application to the Givens-Matrix are processed in a direct, straightforward manner. High-performance signal processing is achieved by piecewise approximation of the arctangent and sine function. In order to identify appropriate function approximations, several designs with varying constraints are automatically generated and analyzed. Physical and logical synthesis is performed in a 130nm CMOS-technology. The application of our proposal in a multiantenna mobile communication scenario highlights our work to be very efficient in terms of calculation accuracy and computation performance.

Keywords: QR-decomposition, Givens-Rotation, VLSI, Twovariable, Numeric function approximation.

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