doi: 10.7873/DATE.2015.0014

Operational Fault Detection and Monitoring of a Memristor-Based LUT

T. Nandha Kumar1,a, Haider A.F. Almurib1,b and Fabrizio Lombardi2

1Department of Electrical & Electronic Eng., The University of Nottingham, Malaysia.

2Department of ECE, Northeastern University, Boston, USA.


This paper presents a method for operational testing of a memristor-based memory look-up table (LUT). In the proposed method, the deterioration of the memristors (as storage elements of a LUT) is modeled based on the reduction of the resistance range as observed in fabricated devices and recently reported in the technical literature. A quiescent current technique is used for testing the memristors when deterioration results in a change of state, thus leading to an erroneous (faulty) operation. An equivalent circuit model of the operational deterioration for a memristor-based LUT is presented. In addition to modeling and testing, the proposed method can be utilized also for continuous monitoring of the LUT in the presence of memristor deterioration in the LUT. The proposed method is assessed using LTSPICE; extensive simulation results are presented with respect to different operational features, such as LUT dimension and range of resistance. These results show that the proposed test method is scalable with LUT dimension and highly efficient for testing and monitoring a LUT in the presence of deteriorating multiple memristors.

Keywords: Memristor, Testing, Deterioration, Monitoring, Quiescent current.

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