W06 2nd International Workshop on Embedded Software for the Industrial IoT (ESIIT 2019)

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07:30W06.1Registration Desk opens
09:00W06.3Session I: Invited Industrial Session
09:00W06.3.1Proposals for IP-XACT Extensions from Embedded Controller Use Cases
Michael Velten and Wolfgang Ecker, Infineon Technologies, DE

09:30W06.3.2Automation of Embedded Software Development for Smart Sensor ASICs
Aljoscha Kirchner1, Jan-Hendrik Oetjens1 and Oliver Bringmann2
1Robert Bosch GmbH, DE; 2Universität Tübingen, DE

10:00W06.4Break: Refreshments & Poster Discussions
10:30W06.5Session II: Applications for the IOT
10:30W06.5.1An Experimental Platform for Cooperative Work with Context-Oriented Programming and Hardware Reconfiguration for Industry IoT
Harumi Watanabe1, Mikiko Sato1, Ikuta Tanigawa2, Mariya Kawamura1, Nobuhiko Ogura3 and Takeshi Ohkawa4
1Tokai University, JP; 2Kyushu University, JP; 3Tokyo City University, JP; 4Utsunomiya University, JP

10:45W06.5.2Inertial Sensor Based Robot Gesture Detection for Safe Human-Robot Interaction
Johann-Peter Wolff1, Christian Haubelt1, Rolf Schmedes2 and Kim Grüttner2
1University of Rostock, DE; 2OFFIS - Institut für Informatik, DE

11:00W06.5.3An Open-Source, IoT-Tailored Face Detection Software
Panagiotis Kalodimas1, Antonis Nikitakis1 and Ioannis Papaefstathiou2
1Technical University of Crete, GR; 2Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR

11:15W06.5.4Component-based FPGA Development of Intelligent Image Processing for Industrial IoT Devices
Kenta Arai, Takeshi Ohkawa, Kanemitsu Ootsu and Takashi Yokota, Utsunomiya University, JP

11:30W06.6Session III: Invited Industrial Presentations
11:30W06.6.1BaSys 4.0: An Open-Source Middleware for the Industrial Internet of Things
Frank Schnicke, Markus Damm and Thomas Kuhn, Fraunhofer IESE, DE

12:00W06.7Break: Lunch & Poster Discussions
13:00W06.8Session IV: Safety, Security, Performance and Power Optimizations & Analysis for the IoT
13:00W06.8.1Firmware-Driven Optimization of the Hardware/Software Interface for IoT Nodes
Rafael Stahl, Daniel Müller-Gritschneder and Ulf Schlichtmann, TUM, DE

13:15W06.8.2A Heuristic for Multi Objective Software Application Mappings on Heterogeneous MPSoCs
Gereon Führ1, Ahmed Hallawa1, Rainer Leupers1, Gerd Ascheid1 and Awaid-Ud-Din Shaheen2
1RWTH Aachen, DE; 2Silexica GmbH, DE

13:30W06.8.3Source-level Power Simulation of IoT Firmware for Energy Evaluation
Michael Kuhn and Oliver Bringmann, Universität Tübingen, DE

13:45W06.8.4Towards Distributed Runtime Monitoring with C++ Contracts
Rolf Schmedes and Philipp Ittershagen, OFFIS - Institut für Informatik, DE

14:00W06.8.5Security Chain Tool for IoT Secure Applications
Christoph Schmittner and Abdelkader Magdy Shaaban, Austrian Institute of Technology, AT

14:15W06.8.6QEMU for Dynamic Memory Analysis of Security Sensitive Software
Peer Adelt1, Bastian Koppelmann1, Wolfgang Müller1, Christoph Scheytt1 and Benedikt Driessen2
1Heinz Nixdorf Institute, DE; 2Kasper & Oswald GmbH, DE

14:30W06.9Break: Refreshments & Poster Discussions
15:00W06.10Session V: Model Based Frameworks for IoT Software Development
15:00W06.10.1A Syntax Oriented Code Generation Approach for SoC Design Automation
Michael Werner, Andreas Neumeier and Wolfgang Ecker, Infineon Technologies, DE

15:15W06.10.2Ecosystem for Agile Design of Future-Proof RISC-V Based IoT-Devices
Leon Hielscher1, Frederik Haxel1, Arthur Kühlwein1, Sebastian Reiter1, Alexander Viehl1, Oliver Bringmann1 and Wolfgang Rosenstiel2
1FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik, DE; 2University of Tübingen, DE

15:30W06.10.3Towards Stateflow Model-Aware Debugging Using Model-to-Source Tags with LLDB
Bewoayia Kebianyor, Philipp Ittershagen and Kim Grüttner, OFFIS - Institut für Informatik, DE

15:45W06.10.4Tackling the Challenges of Internet-of-Things-Development Using Models
Rupert Schlick and Willibald Krenn, Austrian Institute of Technology, AT

16:00W06.11Plenary Discussions & Closing
16:15W06.12End of Workshop