W05 Second International Workshop on Resiliency in Embedded Electronic Systems (REES 2017)

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08:45W05.1WELCOME Address
09:00W05.2KEYNOTE Address
09:00W05.2.1Multi-Layer-Resilience: The Need for Discipline
Wolfgang Ecker, Infineon Technologies, DE

09:30W05.3Resilient Systems Designs I
09:30W05.3.1Introducing Fault Tolerance to the Regularity-Based Resource Partition Model
Darrell Knape, Albert M. K. Cheng and Yu Li, University of Houston, Texas, US

09:40W05.3.2Architecting Resilient IoT Systems
Kemal A. Delic and David M. Penkler, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, FR

09:50W05.3.3Utilization of Memristor Variability Towards Brain-Inspired Resilient Computing
Rawan Naous1 and Khaled Nabil Salama2
1King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, SA; 2KAUST, SA

10:00W05.3.4flexMEDiC: flexible Memory Error Detection by Combined Data Encoding and Duplication
Norman A. Rink1 and Jeronimo Castrillon2
1Technische Universität Dresden, DE; 2TU Dresden, Germany, DE

10:10W05.4Poster Discussions (Session I) & Refreshments
10:45W05.5Invited Industrial Talks - Resilient Systems in Practise
10:45W05.5.1Novel ISO26262 Compliant Architecture for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Luc van Dijk, NXP Semiconductors, NL

11:15W05.5.2Design-for-Resiliency in Dynamically Power Managed Systems
Liangzehn Lai, ARM Ltd., GB

11:45W05.6Resilient Systems Design II
11:45W05.6.1Correction of Transient Faults by Rollback with Low Overhead for Microcontrollers
Felix Mühlbauer1 and Mario Schölzel2
1Universität Potsdam, DE; 2IHP Frankfurt Oder, DE

11:55W05.6.2Prototyping Resilient Processing Cores in Workcraft
Georgy Lukyanov1, Alessandro de Gennaro2, Andrey Mokhov3, Paulius Stankaitis2 and Maxim Rykunov4
1Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, RU; 2Newcastle University, GB; 3Newcastle upon Tyne U, GB; 4imec, BE

12:05W05.6.3Increasing the Robustness of Digital Circuits with Ring Oscillator Clocks
Lucas Machado1, Jordi Cortadella2 and Antoni Roca Perez1
1Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, ES; 2Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, ES

13:15W05.7Invited Industrial Talks - Resilient Design Tools and Methods
13:15W05.7.1Simultaneous Measurement of Defect Coverage and Tolerance in AMS ICs for ISO26262
Stephen Sunter, Mentor, CA

13:45W05.7.2Error Effect Simulation for Automotive using SystemC Virtual Prototypes
Andreas Mauderer, Robert Bosch GmbH, DE

14:15W05.8Fault Injection Automation
14:15W05.8.1An Automatic Injection Framework for Safety Assessements of Embedded Software Binaries
Peer Adelt1, Bastian Koppelmann2, Bernd Kleinjohann1 and Christoph Scheytt2
1C-LAB, DE; 2Heinz Nixdorf Institute, DE

14:25W05.8.2Revisiting Symbolic Software-implemented Fault Injection
Hoang Minh Le1, Vladimir Herdt1, Daniel Grosse2 and Rolf Drechsler3
1Universität Bremen, DE; 2University of Bremen, DE; 3University of Bremen/DFKI GmbH, DE

14:35W05.8.3Constraining Graph-based Test Case Generation by Fitness Landscaping
Stefan Mueller1, Jo Laufenberg1, Joachim Gerlach2, Thomas Kropf1 and Oliver Bringmann3
1University of Tuebingen, DE; 2Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen, DE; 3Universität Tübingen, DE

14:55W05.8.4Closing the Gap Between FMEDA, FTA and Simulation Based Fault Injection at System Level
Adam Himmelsbach1, Sebastian Reiter1, Alexander Viehl2, Oliver Bringmann3 and Wolfgang Rosenstiel4
1FZI, DE; 2FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik, DE; 3Universität Tübingen, DE; 4University of Tübingen, DE

14:55W05.9Poster Discussions (Session III+V) & Refreshments
15:30W05.10Resilient Circuit Analysis
15:30W05.10.1Fault Injection Campaigns in Multi-Domain Virtual Prototypes
Raghavendra Koppak1, Oliver Bringmann2 and Andreas von Schwerin3
1University of Tübingen / Siemens AG, DE; 2Universität Tübingen, DE; 3Siemens AG, DE

15:40W05.10.2Workload Dependent Aged Circuit Reliability Analysis
Ajith Sivadasan1, Armelle Notin1, Vincent Huard1, Etienne Maurin1, Florian Cacho1 and Lorena Anghel2
1STMicroelectronics, FR; 2TIMA Laboratory, FR

15:50W05.10.3SPICE-Level Fault Injection with Likelihood Weighted Random Sampling - A Case Study
Liang Wu1, Saed Abughannam1, Wolfgang Müller2, Christoph Scheytt1 and Wolfgang Ecker3
1Heinz Nixdorf Institute, DE; 2Universität Paderborn, DE; 3Infineon Technologies, DE

16:00W05.10.4Resilient Large-Scale Physical Design
Roman Bazylevych1 and Lubov Bazylevych2
1Lviv Polytechnic National University, UA; 2Institute of Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics NASU, UA

16:10W05.11Poster Discussions (Session VI)