Concept Engineering GmbH

Concept Engineering GmbH (Booth: 23)

Contact: Gerhard Angst

Boetzinger Str. 29 79111 Freiburg Germany

Tel: +49 761 470940
Fax: +49 761 4709429

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Concept Engineering develops and markets innovative visualization and debugging technology for commercial EDA vendors, in-house CAD tool developers, FPGA and IC designers. Nlview WidgetsTM – a family of schematic generation and visualization engines (Tcl/TK, MFC, Qt, Java, Perl/Tk, wxWidgets) that can be easily integrated into EDA tools. RTLVisionTM PRO – a graphical debugger for SystemsVerilog, Verilog and VHDL based designs. GateVision® PRO – a customizable debugger for Verilog, LEF/DEF and EDIF based designs. SpiceVision® PRO – a customizable debugger for SPICE based designs. SGvisionTM PRO – a customizable mixed-mode debugger (SPICE and Verilog). StarVisionTM PRO - a customizable mixed-signal and mixed-language debugger.