DATE 2012 Highlights in Dresden E-Mobility and More-than-Moore in the Conference and Ecosystems in the Exhibition


Keynotes by Bosch’s Klaus Meder and GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ Mojy Chian

Klaus Meder - President of the Automotive Electronics Division of Bosch - and Mojy Chian - Senior Vice President Design Enablement of GLOBALFOUNDRIES - will set the scene for DATE 2012 with their keynotes presenting their views on new challenges and opportunities for the progress of the semiconductor technologies as key for the electronics industry: leading edge deep submicron development, 3D integration, analog-mixed-signal and power.

In his speech "The mobile society - chances and challenges for Micro- and Power Electronics" Klaus Meder will demonstrate how the increasing society's request for a widespread mobility together with the need to save energy resources generates opportunities for a broad spectrum of new electronic systems - as well as some challenges for the KETs Design, semiconductor technologies and assembly. Bosch is the leading automotive supplier worldwide with more than 280 manufacturing sites including a semiconductor fab in Reutlingen, Germany.

Mojy Chian will give an outlook on the future development and role of foundries presenting "New Foundry Models - Accelerations in Transformations of the Semiconductor Industry", focusing on the new collaborative approach in technology development and high-end manufacturing. GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the first foundry with global footprint and leading edge manufacturing sites in Dresden, Germany, Singapore and the US.

Exhibition, Exhibition Theatre and Exhibition Keynote

DATE 2012 Exhibition continues to grow after the successful turnaround in the previous years. Amongst the 55+ exhibitors as major point of attraction a full ecosystem for design will be presented on the most impressive booth of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, the foundry with leading edge manufacturing sites in Dresden, Germany, Singapore and the US.

Silicon Saxony, the industry association of approximately 300 companies in the microelectronics and related sectors around Saxony’s capital Dresden, will also present to the public its whole ecosystem in the exhibition floor, supported by the booths of members of the Silicon Saxony cluster like Fraunhofer and ZMDI. In an Exhibition Keynote, a new offer of DATE for the exhibition visitors, Silicon Saxony’s Andreas Bruening will discuss the key success factors for designing successful products in 2012.

Another hot-spot in the exhibition is the University Booth, where in 11 sessions with up to 10 presentations running in parallel the leading universities and research institutes will present their latest research results with hardware and software demonstrators. This is a unique place showcasing a vast bunch of innovations which will shape and revolutionize the way we design products in the future.

Another well-established feature of DATE is the Exhibition Theatre, which offers to exhibition visitors three days of high quality program free of charge. This program provides best practice on design for various fields of applications and panel sessions with industry leaders on foundry design practices, automotive electric system design, on analog productivity and on IP Quality. As a special service free of charge for the exhibition visitors, DATE 2012 runs in the Exhibition Theatre a special selection of the conference program with Special Hot Topics and Tutorials Sessions on the following topics: beyond CMOS, biological systems, automotive software, battery management, Moore meets Maxwell, heterogeneous multi-/many-core systems, variation-aware modeling, verification and testing of analog ICs.

DATE’s Conference Program is unique in the world

DATE’s conference again was able to live up to its reputation as number 1 conference worldwide for academia. Over 200 papers have been selected from nearly 1000 submissions, in all fields the top researchers from all over the world will present their most important and brand new research findings in the tracks D (design methods, tools, algorithms and languages), A (applications), T (test) and E (embedded systems). Top executives from industry market leaders will discuss their views and strategies in numerous panel sessions, with the three Executive Sessions as one of the major DATE highlights directly following the opening plenary.

Special Day on More than Moore

"More-than-Moore" is a concept coined by Europe to stress the importance of non-digital functions which add value in the packaged system. DATE will start its full-day Special Session on this topic with three tutorials setting the More-than-Moore scene, in terms of present and future technologies and from the application perspective.

Special Day on E-Mobility

DATE 2012 will take up the results of recent international e-mobility activities and will bring them to the next level by providing a unique platform for all stakeholders. For the first time the whole supply chain, ranging from EDA to car manufacturers Audi and Peugeot Citroën Automobiles and their suppliers like Robert Bosch GmbH and Infineon Technologies, will meet and work together on designing electronic systems for building hybrid and fully electrical cars that can drive longer distances and excel on robustness.

Monday Tutorials and Friday Workshops

The cherry on the cake are the Monday tutorials providing 11 half and full day educational tutorials given by the leading experts in the industry, enabling DATE attendees to become top-qualified in topics like embedded multiprocessor systems, 2.5D and 3D stacked ICs, design of safety-critical electronic systems, multi-core platforms as well as low power SoC design, and ranging from board-level test and diagnosis to IC design with nanomaterials.

One of the outstanding success stories of DATE 2012 will be the Friday Workshops, indicated by the registration numbers already a week before DATE starts. These Special Interest Workshops at the end of the DATE week add to the DATE program 9 full workshops organized by independent organizations on a broad range of technologies and applications like energy efficiency in buildings, computer aided network design, 3D integration, cyber physical systems, embedded parallel computing platforms and virtual platforms.

The high numbers of preregistrations for the conference and the tutorials and the huge demand for workshops is a clear sign that DATE 2012 is the major event for industry and academia and that nobody can afford not to come to Dresden for DATE 2012.

General Information on DATE 2012

In 2012 DATE will take place in the ICC, Dresden, Germany. The Saxony state capital is, with its 500.000 inhabitants, an attractive and energetic modern city connecting east and west Europe. Dresden has an historic but modern flair, offering an excellent environment for DATE 2012. The International Congress Center Dresden is one of the most modern of its kind in Germany and Europe and fully meets the requirements for cutting-edge seminar, conference and event technology. The Congress Center and adjoining Maritim Hotel are situated in the heart of the city, only a few steps away from most sights of Dresden and are easily accessible from Dresden Klotzsche Airport by train, tram or car. This purpose built venue is located approximately 15 minutes from the airport and 5 minutes from the city centre. It is adjacent to the Maritim hotel which will provide some competitively priced hotel rooms. The DATE committee are working with Silicon Saxony (a registered industry association of approximately 300 companies in the microelectronics and related sectors) to maximise quality visitor attendance to the event and highlight the presence of DATE.

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