Technical Programme Committee 2012

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Topic: E1 Real-time, Networked and Dependable Systems

Real-time programming languages and software; formal models for real-time systems; software performance analysis; worst case execution time analysis; scheduling and software timing estimation; real-time system optimization; tools and design methods for real-time, networked and dependable systems; adaptive real-time systems; dependable systems including safety and criticality; software for safety critical systems; network control and QoS for embedded applications; software for sensor networks and networked applications;

Chair: lipariatsssup [dot] it, Contact

Co-Chair: Peter Puschner, Vienna University of Technology, AT, Contact


  • Gregor Gössler, INRIA, FR, Contact
  • r [dot] kirneratherts [dot] ac [dot] uk, Contact
  • iamcgleeatgmail [dot] com, Contact
  • liuatcse [dot] tamu [dot] edu, Contact
  • Xue Liu, McGill University, CA, Contact
  • Stefan M. Petters, CISTER-ISEP, IPP, PT, Contact
  • Binoy Ravindran, Virginia Tech, US, Contact
  • stavrosateecs [dot] berkeley [dot] edu, Contact