Technical Programme Committee 2012

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Topic: D4 Design of Low Power Systems

Design methods, techniques and case studies of low power systems, covering aspects from specification, mapping, new algorithms, system architecture to circuit; including power minimization techniques for analog and digital circuits, HW and SW aspects, power management, batteries, energy harvesting, thermal aware computation and technology aware design aspects in nanometer technologies (i.e., leakage, variability, reliability, 3D stacking, etc.).

Chair: tudor [dot] murganatintel [dot] com, Contact

Co-Chair: Domenik Helms, OFFIS, DE, Contact


  • Naehyuck Chang, Seoul National University, KR, Contact
  • Alberto Garcia-Ortiz, Univ. Bremen, DE, Contact
  • Wei Huang, IBM Research, US, Contact
  • acojimatimse [dot] cnm [dot] es, Contact
  • Marisa Lopez-Vallejo, UPM, ES, Contact
  • Alberto Macii, Politecnico di Torino, IT, Contact
  • biswajit [dot] mishraatepfl [dot] ch, Contact
  • Alberto Nannarelli, DTU, DK, Contact
  • Vijaykrishnan Narayanan, Pennsylvania State University, US, Contact
  • Wolfgang Nebel, OFFIS and University of Oldenburg, DE, Contact
  • , Contact
  • Mircea Stan, University of Virginia, US, Contact