Technical Programme Committee 2012

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Topic: D14 Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits and Systems

CAD for analogue and mixed-signal circuits and systems: Layout, Topology generation, Architecture and System Synthesis, Modelling of AMS circuits and systems, Modelling strategies, Modelling of complex analogue mixed-signal systems, Model generation, Formal and Symbolic Techniques; Languages for AMS circuits and systems: VHDL-AMS, Verilog-AMS, SystemC-AMS, Matlab/Simulink, Ptolomy; Innovative circuit topologies and architectures: Topologies/architectures that increase robustness, Topologies/architectures that increase re-usability; Modelling and Synthesis of Multi-Domain systems: MEMS, Energy Harvesting Systems.

Chair: catherine [dot] dehollainatepfl [dot] ch, Contact

Co-Chair: dundaratboun [dot] edu [dot] tr, Contact


  • pacovatimse-cnm [dot] csic [dot] es, Contact
  • Georges Gielen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, BE, Contact
  • Christoph Grimm, TU Vienna, AT, Contact
  • Joachim Haase, Fraunhofer EAS, DE, Contact
  • Lars Hedrich, University of Frankfurt, DE, Contact
  • Tom Kazmierski, University of Southampton, UK, Contact
  • marie-Minerve Louerat, UNiversity Pierre & Marie Curie, LIP6, FR, Contact
  • Dominique MORCHE, CEA-LETI, FR, Contact
  • Alain Vachoux, EPFL, CH, Contact