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Target Compiler Technologies - The ASIP Company


Target Compiler Technologies is the leading provider of retargetable software tools for the design, programming and verification of application-specific processor cores (ASIPs). ASIPs are key building blocks of single- and multi-core systems-on-chip (SoCs) that power today’s electronic systems. IP Designer, Target’s flagship product, enables the design of ASIPs with performance and energy characteristics close to hardwired datapaths. Yet these ASIPs provide software programmability, thus permitting changes in specifications and extending the revenue lifetime of SoCs. IP Designer supports ASIP architectural exploration, and generates a complete C compiler based software development kit as well as a low-power hardware implementation for each ASIP. The tools have been used by customers around the globe to design SoCs for 2G/3G/4G handsets, cordless and VoIP phones, audio/video/image processing, infotainment and security for cars, DSL modems, DSL access multiplexers, wireless LAN, hearing instruments, and personal health-care systems. Target is also introducing MP Designer, a new tool for multicore parallelisation and design in an SoC context. URL:

ASIC and SOC Design:

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System-Level Design:

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  • Hardware/Software Co-Design


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Embedded Software Development:

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Semiconductor IP:

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Application-Specific IP:

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