Creonic (Booth: 36)

Contact: Timo Lehnigk-Emden

67663 Kaiserslautern Germany

Tel: +49 631 34359881
Fax: +49 631 34359889


Creonic is a spin-off of the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany founded in 2010. The company develops IP cores as ready-for-use solutions for many algorithms of communications as defined in IEEE and ETSI standards. The company has deep knowledge in algorithm design, system design, as well as integration for FPGA and ASIC. Core competences are in the fields of

  • advanced channel coding (e.g., LDPC and turbo coding),
  • multi-antenna systems (MIMO),
  • time, phase and frequency symbol synchronization,
  • double or triple iterative systems (e.g., turbo synchronization),
  • interleaver architectures, and soft-decision demapping.
The products are applicable for ASIC and FPGA (e.g., Xilinx, Altera) technologies. The solutions cover standards like We look forward to seeing you at Booth 36!

ASIC and SOC Design:

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System-Level Design:

  • Acceleration & Emulation


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  • Design Consultancy
  • Prototyping

Embedded Software Development:

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Semiconductor IP:

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Application-Specific IP:

  • Data Communication
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Telecommunication
  • Wireless Communication