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Cortus - Advanced Processing Systems for Embedded Systems


Cortus is a technology leader in ultra low power, silicon efficient 32-bit microcontroller IP cores aimed at deeply-embedded System on Chip (SoC) applications.

The highly efficient APS3 combines a power consumption of 22 µW/DMIPS (TSMC 130 nm) with processing performance of up to 1.67 DMIPS/MHz. Yet the core itself is no larger than the 8051 – making it a natural upgrade choice for 8-bit/16-bit core users.

APS3 has been in high volume production in Licensees' products in a wide range of applications including SIM cards, security applications, smart metering, touchscreen controllers and Bluetooth devices. Products using APS3 have been manufactured in a wide range of technologies from 0.35 µm to 32 nm.

The high performance FPS6 is aimed at embedded SoC applications requiring good floating point performance such as motor control or solar inverters. At 333 MHz, FPS6 delivers 30.45 MFLOPS (Linpack unrolled single precision). It is capable of more than 400 MHz max clock frequency with 90 nm technology and requires less than 40 kgates.

For all Cortus processors software development with C/C++ is supported by a complete toolchain and Eclipse-based IDE. Cortus offers a set of standard peripherals, Ethernet 10/100 MAC, USB 2.0 and USB OTG peripherals. Bridges to AHB lite and APB are available

ASIC and SOC Design:

  • Behavioural Modelling & Simulation

System-Level Design:

  • Hardware/Software Co-Design


  • Boundary Scan


  • Prototyping
  • Training

Embedded Software Development:

  • Compilers
  • Real Time Operating Systems
  • Debuggers
  • Software/Modelling


  • FPGA & Reconfigurable Platforms

Semiconductor IP:

  • Configurable Logic IP
  • CPUs & Controllers
  • Physical Libraries
  • Processor Platforms

Application-Specific IP:

  • Analogue & Mixed Signal IP
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Security
  • Wireless Communication