City of Dresden, Department of Economic Affairs

City of Dresden, Department of Economic Affairs

Contact: Frank Fiedler

City of Dresden Department of Economic Affairs Dr.-Külz-Ring 19 01067 Dresden Germany

Tel: +49-351-488 2166
Fax: +49-351-488 24 43


Dresden – your favorite place The Dresden region is the largest and most important European location for microelectronics and information technology - with more than 40.000 employees in about 1.200 companies, represented by the network "Silicon Saxony". The business sectors of local companies include the entire value creation chain. But the development and production of electronic components and integrated circuits is one of the most significant sectors of the Dresden microelectronic cluster. Large semiconductor fabs and almost all leading equipment manufacturers have settled here and deliver their products worldwide. The highly motivated and qualified experts as well as the dense network of business, science and government are a decisive factors for future investors. Welcome to Dresden!