doi: 10.7873/DATE.2015.1119

Spintronics-Based Nonvolatile Logic-in-Memory Architecture Towards an Ultra-Low-Power and Highly Reliable VLSI Computing Paradigm

Takahiro Hanyu1, Daisuke Suzuki2, Naoya Onizawa3, Shoun Matsunaga4, Masanori Natsui1 and Akira Mochizuki2

1Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University, Japan

2Center for Innovative Integrated Electronic Systems, Tohoku University, Japan

3Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science, Tohoku University, Japan

4AC Technologies Co., Ltd., Japan


Novel logic-LSI architecture, called “spintronicsbased nonvolatile logic-in-memory (NV-LIM) architecture,” where nonvolatile spintronic storage elements are distributed over a logic-circuit plane, is proposed as a promising candidate to overcome performance wall and power wall due to the present CMOS-only-based logic-LSIs. Some concrete design examples based on the NV-LIM architecture are demonstrated and their usefulness is discussed in comparison with the corresponding CMOS-only-based realization.

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