doi: 10.7873/DATE.2015.0674

Semiautomatic Implementation of a Bioinspired Reliable Analog Task Distribution Architecture for Multiple Analog Cores

Julius von Rosena, Markus Meissnerb and Lars Hedrichc

Electronic Design Methodology, Department of Computer Science, University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany.


In this paper we present a silicon implementation of a bioinspired analog task distribution system for enabling reliable analog multi-core systems. The increase in reliability is achieved by a dependable task distribution architecture using a hormone based mechanism. The specifications are generated by a feasibility analysis of the algebraic description of the architecture. Starting from the specifications, an automated analog synthesis framework is used to fasten the time-consuming design of the needed analog amplifiers. The complete system with the designed amplifiers has been layouted and fabricated. We present measurements of two different architectures of task distribution system on silicon showing the full functionality of the system and the design methodology.

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