doi: 10.7873/DATE.2015.0659

Design Method for Multiplier-Less Two-Variable Numeric Function Approximation

Jochen Rusta and Steffen Paulb

Institute of Electrodynamics and Microelectronics (, University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany.


In this paper a novel method for hardware-based realization of two-variable numeric functions is introduced. The main idea is based on the extension of the well-known piecewise linear approximation technique, which is often used for the calculation of one-variable elementary functions. A nonuniform and plane segmentation scheme enables quick segment access at runtime; the use of multiplier-less linear equations causes high performance in terms of throughput. As both the extraction of approximation-related parameters and its mapping to corresponding hardware elements is automated, the design time is also reduced to a minimum.
For evaluation, several approximations with varying constraints are generated and compared on the algorithmic level to one another as well as to actual references. In conjunction with the results of logical and physical CMOS synthesis, our work turns out to be highly efficient in terms of throughput, memory requirements and energy consumption.

Keywords: Numeric function approximation, Two-variable, Multiplier-less.

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