doi: 10.7873/DATE.2015.0564

A General Design of Stochastic Circuit and Its Synthesis

Zheng Zhaoa and Weikang Qianb

University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China.


Stochastic computing (SC) is an unconventional paradigm to realize arithmetic computation, where real values are encoded as stochastic bit streams. Compared with conventional computation on binary radix encoding, SC can perform arithmetic computation with very simple circuits. It also has strong tolerance to soft errors. In this paper, we introduce a general design of combinational circuit for stochastic computing, together with its analysis. We further show a synthesis method that can implement arbitrary arithmetic functions with the proposed design. The experimental results demonstrated that compared with the previous methods, our approach produces a circuit with much smaller area and delay.

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