doi: 10.7873/DATE.2015.0520

Leakage Power Reduction for Deeply-Scaled FinFET Circuits Operating in Multiple Voltage Regimes Using Fine-Grained Gate-Length Biasing Technique

Ji Lia, Qing Xieb, Yanzhi Wangc, Shahin Nazariand and Massoud Pedrame

Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA.


With the aggressive downscaling of the process technologies and importance of battery-powered systems, reducing leakage power consumption has become one of the most crucial design challenges for IC designers. This paper presents a devicecircuit cross-layer framework to utilize fine-grained gate-length biased FinFETs for circuit leakage power reduction in the near- and super-threshold operation regimes. The impacts of Gate-Length Biasing (GLB) on circuit speed and leakage power are first studied using one of the most advanced technology nodes – a 7nm FinFET technology. Then multiple standard cell libraries using different leakage reduction techniques, such as GLB and Dual-VT, are built in multiple operating regimes at this technology node. It is demonstrated that, compared to Dual-VT, GLB is a more suitable technique for the advanced 7nm FinFET technology due to its capability of delivering a finer-grained trade-off between the leakage power and circuit speed, not to mention the lower manufacturing cost. The circuit synthesis results of a variety of ISCAS benchmark circuits using the presented GLB 7nm FinFET cell libraries show up to 70% leakage improvement with zero degradation in circuit speed in the near- and super-threshold regimes, respectively, compared to the standard 7nm FinFET cell library.

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