doi: 10.7873/DATE.2015.0405

A Packet-switched Interconnect for Many-core Systems with BE and RT Service

Runan Ma1,2,a, Zhida Hui2,b and Axel Jantsch2,3,c

1School of Microelectronics, Fudan University, ShangHai 200433, China.

2Wuxi Institute of Fudan University WuXi 214131, China.

3Institute of Computer Technology, Vienna University of Technology Vienna 1040, Austria.


A packet-switched interconnect design which supports real-time and best-effort services is proposed. This interconnect is different from traditional NoCs in that we use direction channels to replace the large input buffers and use less resource to realize the network transfer. The connection between our interconnect design and IP core is an on-chip memory management block named DME. The real-time service implies preferential transfer channel allocation, maximum delay bound and time stamping of every real-time packet. The solution is geared towards many-core systems, such as complex industrial control systems and communication devices, which require these features to facilitate efficient SW and application development.

Keywords: NoC router, Packet-switched, Real-time, Best-effort.

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