doi: 10.7873/DATE.2015.0280

A Scan Partitioning Algorithm for Reducing Capture Power of Delay-Fault LBIST

Nan Li1,a, Elena Dubrova1,b and Gunnar Carlsson2

1Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

2Development Unit Radio, Ericsson AB, Stockholm, Sweden.


It is well-known that high power consumption in test mode can cause problems such as overheating and IR-drop which have negative effect on circuit reliability and yield. The problem is particularly hard in the case of at-speed delay-fault testing where it cannot be mitigated by lowering the clock frequency. The difficulty increases even further if pseudo-random rather than ATPG patterns are used for testing. ATPG patterns can be chosen selectively, as well as re-ordered and specified in a powerfriendly manner. Pseudo-random test patterns are much harder to control. In this paper, we present a scan partitioning algorithm for reducing capture power targeting delay-fault LBIST. The algorithm uses a novel weighted S-graph model in which the weights are determined by signal probability analysis. Our experimental results show that, on average, the presented method reduces average capture power by 50% and peak capture power by 39% with less than 2% loss in the transition fault coverage.

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