doi: 10.7873/DATE.2015.0278

FLINT: Layout-Oriented FPGA-Based Methodology for Fault Tolerant ASIC Design

Rochus Nowosielskia, Lukas Gerlachb, Stephan Biebandc, Guillermo Payá-Vayád and Holger Blumee

Institute of Microelectronic Systems, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Appelstraße 4, 30167, Hannover, Germany.


Research of efficient fault tolerance techniques for digital systems requires insight into the fault propagation mechanism inside the ASIC design. Radiation, high temperature, or charge sharing effects in ultra-deep submicron technologies influence fault generation and propagation dependent on die location. The proposed methodology links efficient fault injection to fault propagation in the floorplan view of a standard cell ASIC. This is achieved by instrumentation of the gate netlist after place&route, emulation in an FPGA system and experiment control via interactive user interface. Further, automated fault injection campaigns allow exhaustive fault tolerance evaluations taking single faults as well as adjacent cell faults into account. The proposed methodology can be used to identify vulnerable cell nodes in the design and allow the classification of placement strategies of fault tolerant ASIC designs.

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