doi: 10.7873/DATE.2015.0212

Empirical Modelling of FDSOI CMOS Inverter for Signal/Power Integrity Simulation

Wael Dghaisa and Jonathan Rodriguez

Institute of Telecommunications, Department of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Informatics University of Aveiro, Portugal.


This paper presents a multiport empirical model based on artificial neural network for I/O memory interface (e.g. inverter) designed based on fully depleted silicon on isolator (FDSOI) CMOS 28 nm process for signal and power integrity assessments. The analog mixed-signal identification signals that carry the information about the I/O interface's nonlinear dynamic behavior are recorded from large signal simulation setup. The model's functions are extracted based on a nonlinear optimization algorithm and then implemented in Simulink software. The performance of the resulted model is validated in typical power and ground switching noise scenario. The developed empirical model accurately predicts the timing signal waveforms at the power, ground, and at the output port.

Keywords: FDSOI CMOS inverter, Large signal multiport model, Signal and power integrity, Transient analysis.

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