doi: 10.7873/DATE.2015.0096

Platform-Specific Timing Verification Framework in Model-Based Implementation

BaekGyu Kima, Lu Fengb Linh T.X. Phanc, Oleg Sokolskyd and Insup Leee

University of Pennsylvania, USA.


In the model-based implementation methodology, the timed behavior of the software is typically modeled independently of the platform-specific timing semantics such as the delay due to scheduling or I/O handling. Although this approach helps to reduce the complexity of the model, it leads to timing gaps between the model and its implementation. This paper proposes a platform-specific timing verification framework that can be used to formally verify the timed behavior of an implementation that has been developed from a platform-independent model. We first describe a way to categorize the interactions among the software, a platform, and the environment in the form of implementation schemes. We then present an algorithm that systematically transforms a platform-independent model into a platform-specific model under a given implementation scheme. This transformation algorithm ensures that the timed behavior of the platform-specific model is close to that of the corresponding implementation. Our case study of an infusion pump system shows that the measured timing delay of the system is bounded by the formally verified bound of its platform-specific model.

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