Keynote Addresses
2.2: Emerging Interconnection Technologies for Multicore
2.3: Applications on Reconfigurable Hardware 1
2.4: Task Allocation for MPSoCs
2.5: Approaches for Reliability Improvement
2.6: Scheduling and Timing Analysis for Embedded Real-Time Systems
2.7: System-Level Synthesis and Optimization
2.8: PANEL SESSION - Consolidation, a Modern "Moor of Venice" Tale [p. 141]
3.2: Variability and Reliability Aware Energy Management
3.3: Applications on Reconfigurable Hardware 2
3.4: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - High-Level Modeling and Verification
3.5: System-Level Test and Debug
3.6: Model-Based Design and HW/SW System Integration
3.7: NoC Customization Techniques
3.8: HOT TOPIC AND PANEL - Analogue Layout Synthesis - Light at the End of the Tunnel?
IP1: Interactive Presentations
4.2: Power Optimizations Including Reliability and Temperature
4.3: Aerospace Systems, MEMS and Mixed-Signal Applications
4.4 PANEL SESSION - Is the Second Wave of HLS the One Industry Will Surf on? [p. 374]
4.5: Test for Variability, Reliability and Circuit Marginality
4.6: System Approaches to Flash Memory Management
4.7: Novel Design Space Exploration and Power Optimization Techniques
4.8: PANEL SESSION - Open Source Hardware IP, Are You Serious? [p. 429]
5.1: HOT TOPIC - Concurrent SoC Development and End-to-End Planning [p. 430]
5.2: HOT TOPIC - The Nano-Electronics Challenge - Chip Designers Meet Real Nano-Electronics in 2010s?
5.3: Embedded Systems Security
5.4: Architectural Exploration for MPSoCs
5.5: On-Line Testing and Fault Tolerance
5.6: Performance Analysis Support for the Design of Embedded Real-Time Systems
5.7: Novel Computing and Simulation Approaches
IP2: Interactive Presentations
6.1.1: PANEL SESSION - Vertical Integration Versus Disaggregation [p. 602]
6.1.2: KEYNOTE
6.2: Emerging Hardware: 3D Integration and CNTFET
6.3: Design and Security Evaluation of Cryptographic Functions
6.4: Runtime Checking and Optimization
6.5: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - Contactless Testing: Possibility or Pipe-Dream?
6.6: Fault Tolerance and Energy Issues in Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems
6.7: Analogue Synthesis and Optimization
6.8: HOT TOPIC AND PANEL - Formal Approaches to Analogue Verification - Now or Never?
7.1: PANEL SESSION - ESL Methodology for SoC [p. 730]
7.2: HOT TOPIC - The Impact of Non-Volatile Memory on Architecture Design and Tools
7.3: On-Chip Communication for Multi-Core Platforms
7.4: Non-Functional Properties of MPSoCs
7.5: Test Development and On-Line Error Detection
7.6: Software Support for MPSoC and Multi-Core Systems
7.7: Sizing, Placement, Planning and Packaging
7.8: HOT TOPIC - Timing Specification and Analysis in Automotive Systems
IP3: Interactive Presentations
8.1: PANEL SESSION - Architectures and Integration for Programmable SoC's [p. 910]
8.2: Advanced Low-Power Memory
8.3: Applications and Thermal Management for Multi-Core Platforms
8.4 Design Methods for Reconfigurable Systems
8.5: Debug and Diagnosis
8.6: Embedded Application Development and Verification
8.7: HOT TOPIC - Health-Care Electronics: The Market, The Challenges, The Progress
8.8: INVITED INDUSTRIAL SESSION - Industrial System Designs in Multimedia and Communication
9.1: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - Understanding Multicore Technologies [p. 1051]
9.2: NoC Performance Optimization
9.3: Automotive Networks, Sensing and Communication
9.4: Architectural Synthesis
9.5: Advances in Test Pattern Generation
9.6: Model-Based Design for Embedded Systems
9.7: Efficient Reduction of Cell and Interconnect Models
9.8: INVITED INDUSTRIAL SESSION - Industrial System Design Flow
IP4: Interactive Presentations
10.1.1: Multicore Products for Mass Market Applications
10.1.2: Keynote
10.2: Emerging Computation Models and Systems
10.3: Efficient Forward Error Correction and Signal Processing Implementations
10.4: Bursting Performance in Simulation and Debugging
10.5 Design-for-Test and Diagnosis
10.6: Memory-Aware Compiler Techniques
10.7: Mixed-Signal and Mixed Technology Design
11.1: PANEL SESSION - Multicore, Will Startups Drive Innovation? [p. 1403]
11.2: High-Level Power and Thermal Management
11.3: Efficient Implementations for Media Processing
11.4: Decomposition and Restructuring Techniques for Logic Synthesis
11.5: Test Data Compression
11.6: Automating Model Generation and Implementation
11.7: Advances in Field Programmable Architectures and Applications
11.8 HOT TOPIC - Digital Design at a Crossroads - How to Make Statistical Design Industrially Relevant
IP5 Interactive Presentations
12.1: PANEL SESSION - Programming MPSoC Platforms: Roadworks Ahead!
12.2: Advanced SAT Techniques
12.3: Baseband Processors for MIMO and UWB Communication Systems
12.4: System Level Simulation and Validation
12.5: Mixed-Signal/RF Testing and DFX Engineering
12.6: Accelerating Verification through Transformation and on
12.7: Advances in Multi-Cycle Design and Optimization